Washer & Dryer Repair Lehigh Acres

It is not surprising that over 85% of American households have a washer and a dryer. Seriously, why would anyone want to struggle with handwashing laundry when there are machines that can do this for you? We know we wouldn’t.


That is why we are passionate about fixing washers and dryers. So, if you’ve been looking for a repair service you can trust, hit us up.

The types of machines we fix

Over the years, we have worked on a variety of washers and dryers. The types we encounter the most include;


Top loading agitator washers

These traditional washers have been around for decades. They allow you to load them from the top and have a long agitator in the middle. This agitator swishes against your clothes during the wash cycle, cleaning them. Although they are affordable, effective, and have short cycles, these washers use up to three times more water and energy than other models.


Front load washers

As their name suggests, these models allow you to load them from the front. Unlike the traditional top load machines, they don’t have an agitator. Instead, they harness the power of friction between the clothes. As such, they are gentler on your clothes. Moreover, they are better at washing large items and don’t use a lot of water.

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There also spin very fast and are quiet. Be wary though; their wash cycles are long and they can’t handle very dirty or smelly loads.


Top load impeller or High Efficiency (HE) washer

These modern washers use impellers instead of agitators. Located at the bottom of the tubs, these impellers move your clothes back and forth to clean them. In many ways, these machines are like front load washers. They can handle large loads and save water and energy. However, they have some additional advantages.


For instance, they can handle very dirty loads better. While they do cost significantly more than traditional top load washers, they are more than worth it


Electric dryers

These are the most popular dryers right now. They are easy to install and have minimal exhaust requirements. Moreover, they are of three different types; vented, condenser, and heat pump condenser dryers. Vented dryers are the most popular though. They are the most basic and the cheapest to buy.


Gas dryers

Since these models use gas to heat the tumbler, they use less electricity than their electric counterparts. As such, while they cost more up-front, they are cheaper to run in the long run. Moreover, they heat up clothes faster than their electric counterparts. They do have one major downside though; they need a vent to the outside to operate optimally..

Why we are the best

Apart from our expertise with different washer/dryer types, three things set us apart; our professionalism, our upfront pricing, and our loyalty to our customers. As such, we always aim to provide the best services to our customers at the best prices possible.