Ice Maker Repair Lehigh Acres

If there is one appliance that has truly helped us who live on the sunny side of the United States, it has to be ice makers. They have made it possible to get ice instantly and economically, all from the comfort of your home. This is why a lot of Florida dwellers just can’t live without one.


But have you wondered what you would do if your ice maker got damaged? Would you just throw it away? We think not. The more prudent thing to do would be to get it repaired. And fortunately, we know just the right people for the job – us of course.


The problems we fix

In our time as appliance repair professionals, we have fixed a myriad of issues. Some of them include:

  • Water supply is cut off -This is usually due to a malfunction of the electromechanical valve. Alternatively, it could be that the water filter is clogged
  • Ice maker doesn’t turn on – This indicates a problem with the door switch
  • Oversized ice cubes – This could be caused by a leaky water inlet
  • Undersized cubes – This could be due to a clogged water filter or supply line problems
  • Few ice cubes – This can be caused by a warm environment around your ice maker


Why you should pick us


Our repairmen are qualified

If there is one thing we are known for, it is our great experts. They are highly trained and have years of experience. Moreover, they are polite, friendly, and highly professional. They arrive on time, work quickly, and clean up before they leave. 

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We work on different ice maker types and brands

When it comes to ice makers, we have worked on a variety of brands and types. Some of the most popular brands we have encountered include KitchenAid, Kenmore, Whirlpool, and Samsung.

So no matter what brand of ice maker you have, just give us a ring; we can definitely fix it. And when it comes to the different types of machines we can fix, we’re not too shabby either. We can comfortably work on built-in, portable, and modular ice makers.


We work around your schedule

We understand that many of our customers have busy lives. As such, we always aim to adapt to your schedule. So when you call us over to fix your ice maker, it is up to you to give us a time slot that is convenient for you.


We do upfront pricing

When it comes to pricing, we never want you to feel that you have been swindled or taken advantage of. So as a rule of thumb, we do all the pricing upfront and give you a detailed transparent invoice.